How to share text or media posts with the SocialPilot Scheduler?




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    Benjamin Alexander De Mers

    Yes, I have done extensive testing of your system and it appears that when a user schedules a post to go into the queue from the Curated Content feature of your service the ONLY option for that queued post is IMAGE POST.  In order to get a text post into the feed using the Curated Content Search Engine is to manually insert it using the edit post feature and then manually schedule it into the schedule for that account. 

    This is ridiculous.  What is the use of this feature for the user?  All the posts put into the queue are worthless images that take the user nowhere but an image.  Please fix the problem or I will be forced to use another service.

    You should make the default position TEXT POST for ALL with the option to select image.  Otherwise, what is the point?  I just noticed that ALL my posts to LinkedIn (my most important Social Network) were taking the user to an image instead of the original source content.  That is horrible!  My credibility has taken a HUGE hit and I never even realized it until one of my network members finally pointed it out!

    Come on folks.  You cannot be serious that you think it is OK to send an image post as the default for Curated Content.  Right?

    Please respond,


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    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for reaching out with this question. The curated content by default is set to Text Post only! And an image post goes out only when you select the image from the below. If you are still facing any issue please email us with your issue at 

    We'll look into it of why this is happening to you.




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