Can I reply to the comments on my social media feeds?




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    Justin Regis

    That would be a great additional feature!

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    Manvi Agarwal

    Agreed Justin! That's surely in our suggestions queue :)

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    Julie Anne

    I agree. I just signed up to SocialPilot and want to continue because of the fact you allow bulk upload of images, which is a pain to do on Hootsuite that doesn't allow it. And, I am leaning toward keeping SocialPilot and cancelling Hootsuite, but my one dilemma is the fact that you have no way to manage conversations on social networks. And I really don't want to have to pay more than maybe $20 per month to do this because as it is I am maximizing my SM budget. 

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    Manvi Agarwal

    Hi @julie 

    If you are facing any issues or difficulties with SocialPilot you can anytime reach out to me directly at

    And if you want to discuss plans and pricing we can set up a call as well.

    Do let me know



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    Jerry Van Blaricom

    Is this on the roadmap to implement?  Testing out your product now and this seems to be the only piece of major functionality that would be great to have included.  Thanks.

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